Why Invest In A Healthcare Replacement Management Solution?

Like a football team, an organization must always have substitutes on hand to back it up when needed. Indeed, it is inconceivable to interrupt or disrupt the activity of a hospital, a factory, or a hotel because of an absence.

However, a certain number of organizations have not yet digitized their management of replacements and reinforcements. This activity, therefore, remains time-consuming and complex for them: difficulties in establishing dashboards and rationalizing the replacement activity, volatile and non-updated list of contacts, lack of traceability, and intrusive contact with external candidates to fill their replacement needs.

Wouldn’t it be time to optimize your replacement process, regain control and streamline your management by investing in an information system?

In addition to the intrinsic challenges of replacement management, its management on “paper” or outsourced generates an additional cost for the organization in addition to closing you to new communities of replacements.

So how do you digitize your replacement processes through a dedicated solution? What are the advantages of the latter?

To build a pool, HR goes through a long process and uses unsuitable tools (tables, paper CV libraries, etc.). Candidate data is often scattered across multiple mediums, further slowing down the candidate sourcing process.

The strength of continuity is in change! In the digital age, companies have an interest in having a centralized, accessible, and complete digital CV library containing all potential candidates.

Smooth And Non-Intrusive Communication

Wasting time between spreadsheet and phone does not allow HR managers to deepen their pool of replacement candidates. In the event of an emergency, this sometimes leads them to outsource the replacement to service providers, for lack of finding qualified and available replacements in their existing pool.

Lacking a management solution for replacements and reinforcements and thinking that this is the best solution, HR tends to solicit the same replacements. However, this hinders the fair distribution of information and prevents the company from taking advantage of newly available and competent candidates.

It could be that one of your collaborators wishes to replace an absent colleague, not to notify it is nonsense!

On the other hand, excessive solicitations of candidates can be intrusive. Receiving messages and calls while you are, for example, on vacation or in the arms of Morpheus is indeed annoying. This stifles your replacements and causes the reluctance of candidates. Everyone has the right to disconnect!

To put an end to these difficulties, HR should have a replacement management tool. The goal is to master communication and solve problems relating to intrusion. Indeed, the software allows a fair distribution of offers. Thus, all potential candidates are solicited without being limited to the usual replacements. This makes it possible to diversify the daily life of your employees, develop their skills, and stimulate the internal mobility of employees. The intrusion is also limited, the unavailable candidates no longer receive solicitations.

Simplified Administrative Management Of Replacements And Reinforcements

Post-hire administrative procedures can be a real ordeal for HR. Drafting of contracts, verification, printing, signatures on both sides, DPAE… it is obvious that this long process is far from responding to the urgent nature of replacement.

Absenteeism is now a reality that is becoming widespread in all sectors, a real scourge that runs through companies! Opting for a replacement management tool is therefore the first step in building an optimized replacement process.…

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