Digitizing Replacement Management In The Healthcare Sector

The management of replacements and reinforcements in the health and medico-social sector is more than essential, it is vital. As in all sectors that have regular replacement needs, the main problem is the resulting disorganization. Absences are compensated by the rest of the team which garners more fatigue. The absenteeism rate, therefore, increases accordingly, quickly causing the organization to fall into a vicious circle.

The health sector is all the more concerned by these issues because the level of hardship is such that it obtains the highest rate of absenteeism at 8.3% (2020), against a national average of 6.9 %. By the very nature of the business, managing this constant disorganization as well as possible is not an option, as lives are at stake and the quality of care provided is at the center of concerns.


Binding Regulations

Added to this is the restrictive regulation of the sector which imposes staff quotas by specialty and about several beds/places and/or patients, to ensure care, under penalty of seeing services closed or the reduced number of patients admitted. The legal framework also sets work and rest times, which complicates the management of replacements in an operational sector 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Shortcomings in personnel management can therefore quickly be the cause of a failure of the medical system, as evidenced by the Covid crisis.

Changing Employee Needs

The transformation of the labor market, with a growing need for flexibility and independence among employees, also affects the medical sector, which must add this criterion to personnel management. Healthcare professionals are more attentive to enriching their experiences and seek to find more serenity to improve the balance between their professional and private life. It is therefore important to work on HR benefits such as internal mobility or evolution over time according to their needs and desires. From now on, this balance is no longer built solely around the CDI. The CDI contract is no longer synonymous with serenity unlike a few years ago and it is no longer the main criterion in the work search.

A Win-Win Operation

We developed our solution with this goal in mind. It allows for a broader search for a wide variety of profiles, whose substantial volume makes it possible to provide more stability, flexibility, and quality to everyone. We decompartmentalize research to reach any type of profile with any type of need: find assignments with such an establishment, fill available time, test different services, and change your life.

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